Szimbolikus Szellemi Piramis Tarot tanfolyamok

Tarot Training Courses

Spiritual Symbolic Pyramid Tarot Training Courses

One of the most important elements of the mission is to impart the knowledge to more and more students. This goal is supported by the “train the trainers” system. During the courses each student get not only help to dig deeper into his own internal substance but they are educated to become trainers, too. There are different courses on the different levels of knowledge.

Basic courses

Basic Course 1
This course is designed to give an introduction to those who do not have any information of the Tarot and sum up the most important features of SSP Major Arcana. On these informations the students can decide, whether they want to continue learning or not.
If the student is aware of any traditional Tarot system, a way is opened for getting aquainted with the unique approach of SSP, of course on basic level.

Basic Course 2
See Basic Course 1, but the topic is the Minor Arcana

Tarot Iskola

Courses on advanced level

Tarot I.

The main goal of this course is to help you understanding the view and the philosophy of SSP. The placement of SSP into the different esoteric schools, highlighting the unity of the wide variety of approaches. The students will be aware of the dinamic analogical system, the knowledge that is needed for the homogeneous view of the Universe. The students will understand Hermes Trismegistos’s law:
“As above so below; as below so above;
as within so without, as without so within.”

The course lay great emphasis on the practical exercises of the following:

  • Learning the symbols and meanings of the cards of the Major Arcana. Meditations for finding the personal meaning of the cards
  • Basic lay downs, the discovery and explanation of the past lives
  • Getting an inside view of the Egyptian mysteries, the mysteries of the Kabbalah
  • The explanation of chakras through the basic lay down
  • recognition of power plays in order to identify the level of communication (parent, children, adult – see Eric Berne’s book) in connection with the given question

Tarot II.

The goal of the course is to teach the Minor Arcana, the meaning of the cards. The practical exercises have great importance especially on the following areas:

  • Connect SSP to other esoteric systems e.g. Astrology, Feng Shui, Numerology, I Ching etc.
  • Interpretetion of the time in Minor Arcana
  • Find out health status and healing in the lay down (Bach flower remedies, Schüssler physiological salt, several types of energetical cleaning formulas etc.)

Tarot Iskola

Master Course

This course is designed to stabilize the formerly learned topics, to synthesize the acquired knowledge, to understand the depth of the relationships and of course to learn new skills on an ongoing basis. The students graduate by writing a diploma, proving that understands the Tarot and is able to use it constructively, proves in practice that is fully aware of the messages of the Tarot and is able to pass on knowledge to others. The student will get a certificate after a successful examination and goes through the initiation.

What is awaited of the master trainer?

  • to teach SSP on high level using the unified topics,
  • educate himself ongoingly, expand his/her knowledge with the new experiences,
  • keep the ethical standards:
    • be committed to live a happy life, always know his/her limitations, boundaries, serve as an example for his/her students
    • always be ready to help, give compassive support to his/her students
    • follow the confidentiality requirement
    • always be able to give solutions to his/her students

Tarot Iskola