Szimbolikus Szellemi Piramis Tarot tanfolyamok

Spiritual Symbolic Pyramid of Tarot

Spiritual Symbolic Pyramid of Tarot

We have got a huge number of symbols, the origin of which goes back to the very ancient times. The meaning of the symbols does not vary as time goes on. People subconsciously are influenced by these symbols, envisioning the archetypical pictures of mankind. It was only the ideology what had been changed during the time, and the symbols were always interpreted on the basis of the dominant idea. This has happened to Tarot.

Tarot went through a number of modifications. Many occultists tried to find out the Secret of the symbols, but only the existing ideology was reflected by the simple or the sophisticated pictures of Tarot (e.g. stars, bars, circles, squares, triangles, crosses, dots, lines, or weapons, swords, animals, dragons, horses, lambs, plants, roses, white tree of Gondor etc).
The Spiritual Symbolic Pyramid of Tarot (SSP) has been gradually developed by channelling during the last 13 years and it is now available again for humanity. Respecting the knowledge of our ancestors, continuing their ways, recognising their mistakes, we are faithfully working on this unique-in-the-world Tarot system.

The most important characteristics that distinguish SSP from traditional systems are the following:

  • SSP is a system enabling the reader of Tarot to observe the fortune as a unified globality. The relationship of the cards, the special format of lay down makes us to understand the Great Secret.
  • Only one lay down is sufficient for analyzing the three aspects of human consciousness, Superego (Self), ego, subconscious and their impact on each other. These terms were created by famous psychologists in the nineteenth century (among them Freud and Jung), and their role in our lives was worked out too. Freud’s and Jung’s studies and practical results significantly contributed to the return of SSP, because while reading Tarot the complex analogycal chains, interpreted by the cards, could not be understood without knowing the messages of subconscious and the spiritual motivations of our actions as a consequence.
  • One lay down gives answer not only to our concrete question but we get an overall picture of other areas of life e.g. work, parents, children, relationship with husband or wife, money, emotions, mental world, travels, health, etc. In addition, we can get advice on the possibilities of the intervention in order to make our life better and develop ourselves.
  • SSP gives us a tool to connect Pyramid Tarot to other esoteric systems e.g. Astrology, Feng Shui, Numerology, I Ching etc. The statements and suggestions of those systems are given via our lay down. In addition SSP can be connected to healing systems (Bach flower remedies, Schüssler cell salts, several types of massage and acupuncture techniques etc.).
  • Special depth of Previous Life informations could be recovered and their impact on our present life could be found.
  • Pictures, programs, belief systems, imprintings (e.g. personal, familiar or collective) of the subconscious could be identified very precisely.
  • Our health status, malfunction of chakras could be analised with the help of SSP and we can get suggestions for preventive steps.
  • We can see what role (see Games people play by Eric Berne) is played by the questioner in connection with the question.

SSP is an incomparable and not yet fully understood Tarot system, founded on the integration of keyword, number and symbol.

Each card has got a simple keyword which is pronounced loudly paralelly with the reading, this is the answer (the voice of God). The keywords help us to understand and make us to think over the message.

The format of lay down is derived from the numbers of cards (Magician is I, Death is XIII, Temperance is XIV etc.) and has got a fundamental importance considering the structure itself.

The format of lay down is symbolic (a pyramid), and this format represents the completeness of the Universe.

The key of the existence of mankind can be formulated by these three expressions. The message of Tarot gives us the best solution if we want to strive to a conscious life.

As Attila Peter Lekszikov said: “My predestination is to give the Wisdom – lost in times past – back to the mankind again, and to complete our forefathers great and noble work.”

Asking help and grace of God!