Szimbolikus Szellemi Piramis Tarot tanfolyamok

About Attila Peter Lekszikov

Introduction of Mr. Attila Peter Lekszikov


I was born in 1970 as third son of a workman’s family. I could not attend high school, because my parents wanted me to have profession and earn money as soon as possible. So I became a tapestry-worker. My first working place was a furniture making company.
I could finish my studies only when I was adult and I have just finished my theological studies as teacher of the Bible. My early belief was in the equity of people and their equal rights to learn, to be happy, to have enough money, to the good life. When the political changes in 1990 were on in Hungary I was quite disappointed because I had to realise that my former belief was not true. My ambition to find out where the Truth is was started in fact by the above mentioned important event and my disappointment.

The procedure has taken a very long time (still not ended) and totally changed my life and belief system. A number of nagging question arised and I wanted to get answers which stand the tests of thousands of years. I tried to understand the messages of major world religions, the phylosophy, psychology, anthroposophy (the man’s wisdom, the only basis of modern Christian spiritual science), the theory of Oriental doctrines, Chinese five elements doctrine. I red a lot and the demand has been growing rapidly in my soul to use these doctrines to assist people to improve their lives on a daily basis in order to gain a quick and tangible change of the quality of life. I was completely sure that to know something can not have a purpose in itself, but worth only as much as you can help others. I have met the possibilities of Reiki, Arolo and several massage techniques, and I realised how the theory can work in the practice.

I had a huge experience in 1997, when I visited 3 different religion shrines during a pilgrimage. In order to strengthen my faith, I put a very important request to the gods of all three religions. Frankly saying this served only as a „test”. My request was fulfiled one year later and my lifetime love has come. She became my wife and the mother of my daughter. But I was not satisfied with the knowlegde I gathered so far, because using the doctrines either of the Church or the above mentioned Reiki in practice I realised that the „operation of the organisation” was more important than the people they intended to help.

I got a Tarot deck from one of my friends in 1993, and the symbols on the cards deeply fascinated me. First I used the traditional Tarot systems, but I could not find the fullness what was sent by the cards. I had a feeling permanently that all 22 cards are to be used in a lay down in order to get real and complete answers. I kept trying several forms of lay down, like the triangle symbol of God and the tree symbol of man, and after a number of trials the form of Pyramid Tarot was born as foundation for SSP. It took years and many exercises to set up the Spiritual Symbolic Pyramid Tarot, as we know today.

When I gathered a little bit of courage to draft the results achieved, took my papers to dr. Ilma Szasz. She is very great authority of synthesizing esotericism, religions, psychology, philosophy. I was very happy when she qualified SSP as „diamond among glass”.
She adviced me to start the teaching of the system. I wanted to get prepared very precisely for the first courses, but I could not.

I asked God for help and suddenly I felt a powerful force. I was almost in comatose condition and recorded on dictaphone hundreds of hours of text. When subsequently I have listened a bit scared, that my normal wits went off. An angel, named Raziel came forward and said, that had helped me in my work and is going to stay with me forever to return the ancient knowledge to the people. Since that time (2001) supported, confirmed by Raziel growing and growing slide of the Knowledge gets cognizable and now a whole series of my students benefits from this grace.




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